LG named as next vendor of Google Pixel Successor?

LG named as next vendor of Google Pixel Successor?

Google’s 2016 Pixel lineup was manufactured by HTC, LG to be named as next vendor though the similar partnership this year.

According to a report from 9to5 Google, there is a bug report filed by an LG employee in the Android Public Issue Tracker, which in turn seems to have revealed that LG might be manufacturing the larger Pixel device, codenamed “taimen”.

The bug entry filed by the LG employee is about the “USB PD Compliance Failure”. In reply to the bug file, a Googler asks the LG employee to close the bug report and opening another one under Android > External > LGE > Taimen > power. From this hierarchy, we can see that LG Electronics is manufacturing a device referred to as Taimen.

Back in March, the Android Open Source Project revealed “walleye” and “muskie” as possible codenames for the next Pixel and Pixel XL. Lately Droid-Life suggested that Google was also working on a third device that would have a screen larger than muskie.

Just today, Android Police noted that development on muskie stopped. A tipster has since suggested to 9to5Google that the cancellation was possibly due to the device not meeting expected battery life and other cost effectiveness target.

Generally, we assumed that HTC would be manufacturing “walleye”.  Back in April, it was rumored that Google was looking to invest in LG for flexible OLED displays for their next phone.