Leica Dreams of True Leica Phone

Leica Dreams of True Leica Phone

It had been a successful crossover partnership when Huawei meets Leica during 2016. The Leica’s owner may be thinking beyond the partnership while dreaming in future a True Leica Phone.

During an interview with CNBC, Andreas Kaufmann (the owner and chairman of Leica) said that it was a “personal dream” of his to reinvent the smartphone camera.

He said : “Every smartphone is wrong for photography at the moment… the phone nowadays is not fit really for photography… it’s used as a camera, it’s used as a video camera, but it’s not built that way and I think there’s a long way to go still.” “not sure whether the company can do [this]…[but] one dream would be my personal dream: a true Leica phone.”

Moreover he added “It gets a bit confidential, but you could think of this: are two camera systems enough for a smartphone? And that could give you a hint into the future.”

As interpretation, we believed that Leica does have the ambition to bring smartphone camera features to another level which we have yet to see. It will be pretty interesting if Leica could actually launch their own phone. While at the point of confusion, we are unsure about the Huawei-Leica partnership, perhaps it will grow longer or Leica have their own plan in future.