Leaked HTC Vive to launch this week?


Leaked HTC Vive to launch this week?

Today, a leaked video from Evleaks revealed that HTC might focused on customization and possibly a Vive phone expected to launch in this quarter.

From the leaked photo, we can see that there is a “HTC Vive” logo on the center of the back of this phone. Besides, there are 4 white strips on 4 corners of the phone and a camera with LED on the top center of HTC Vive.


Besides HTC Vive, there are also 3 phones namely 「Chemical」、「Super Fibers」、「Litmus」shown in the video posted by evleaks.


At the same time, the HTC Ocean confirmed to be nothing more than a concept made by an HTC designer, the live video shows how using the sides of a phone as jog dial might actually be rather clever.