KenXinDa introduce brand new Flattop series in Malaysia


KenXinDa introduce brand new Flattop series in Malaysia

Ken Xin Da is a new smartphone brand that has entered Malaysia market recently and yesterday they had officially introduce the new Flattop series devices for the local market.

The Flattop series smartphones features shock proof, water proof and dust proof. The highest quality of proof that qualified with the certificate IP68.

Here are the specifications for the KENXINDA Flattop series smartphones:

ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-002Besides that, KENXINDA also announced a powerbank known as Max 7 that can be water proof, dust proof and shock proof but the powerbank can’t be used under the water. The powerbank have the capacity 10,400 mAh and the retail price is RM 229.

Moreover, KENXINDA not only introduce smartphones and powerbank, they also bring in a new smartwatch called Kenxinda W3. The smartwatch can support sim card slot and it also has a 0.8MP camera. There’s a FM Radio and it comes with microSD card expansion.  The Kenxinda W3 smartwatch is available at the retail price RM 169 and it comes with a complimentary Bluetooth handsfree too.

Ken Xin Da also said that their Smart Watch has a good sales record previously and they expect the brand new Kenxinda smartwatch W3 will also receive a good response from local consumers.

ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-003 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-004 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-005 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-006 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-007 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-008 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-009 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-010 ken-xin-da-smartwatch-malaysia ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-011 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-012 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-013 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-014 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-015 ken-xin-da-flattop-series-malaysia-016

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