iPhone users are more arrogant and dishonest


iPhone users are more arrogant and dishonest

Do you believe that iPhone users are typically dishonest and arrogant as compared to Android users?

An experiment conducted by expects in universities of Lincoln and Lancaster in the UK and the results revealed that iPhone users behave badly than Android users.

According to the research, they had interviewed 530 people throughout 2015 and 2016, asking them a series of questions about their phones and their feelings.

Here’s how the researchers summed up the outcome of their study:

In comparison to Android users, we found that iPhone owners are more likely to be female, younger, and increasingly concerned about their smartphone being viewed as a status object. Key differences in personality were also observed with iPhone users displaying lower levels of Honesty–Humility and higher levels of emotionality.

“We were able to build a statistical model that, after asking people a few questions about themselves, could predict what type of phone they had in their pocket about 70 percent of the time,” researcher David Ellis said.