iPhone 8 Plus splits open while charging !?

iPhone 8 Plus splits open while charging !?

After last week reported an iPhone 8 Plus batteries bloating in Taiwan, last Sunday same thing happen in Japan.

A silver iPhone 8 Plus had popped open out of the box which is likely to have happened during transportation. No fire been caught, the battery ended swelled up. Swelling can occur with defective batteries and it usually happens with older phones. Any device with a swollen battery should be immediately removed to a safe place, as it can indicate a lithium battery at risk of bursting into flames.

According to Apple, any device manufactured in the millions will include some faulty models – the real news would be if this were not the case. Second, investigations into charging-related incidents often reveal that a third-party charger was used, even when an owner initially claims to have used the supplied Apple one.

Magokoro0511 26 update Twitter said that this iPhone 8 Plus was not in charge, but wake up overnight and saw it become like this. Apple accepted his replacement request.