iPhone 6S hardware images leaked: Looks identical to the iPhone 6


It is no longer a mystery that Apple has planned to release the next iPhone models in Q4 2015. Although there are not many information on hand that shows the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus are on their way to mass production, but there are in fact some rumors are suggesting them to make their appearance soon in the mobile market.

iPhone 6S hardware images leaked: Looks identical to the iPhone 6

We have reported earlier that the Force Touch is likely to be one of the key element that will be featured on the new iPhone models.


Besides the addition of Force Touch that was mentioned above, what else are we going to expect from the new iPhone models? Well, the latest iPhone leaked images perhaps can give us some clue on its design.

These images are showing the new iPhone in frame components which were not fully assembled. Apparently there is not much of a change compared to the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. The earlier rumors which suggested it to sport a dual rear camera design and antenna bands are yet to be seen on the leaked images.


It is learnt that the the frame measures at about the size of an iPhone 6. From what we’ve seen on these leaked images, we preliminary assumed that the new iPhone model will be having new layouts to mount the hardware,  accommodating redesigned logic boards etc.


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SOURCE 9to5Mac