IAMA Foxconn insider: 12 months upcoming updates of Apple next 5 products information

IAMA Foxconn insider: 12 months upcoming updates of Apple next 5 products information

We are moments away from the Apple WWDC 2017 event ! Just before the event goes live, Foxconn employees leaked the detailed information of Apple products for year 2017-2018. We soon to see the grand new product innovation by Apple.

Foxconn insider who claims to be Foxconn employees, has been bragging about the details of the five major Apple products in the next 12 months. The product range from iPhone 8, iPhone 7s , MacBook, Siri Speaker and AR glasses

IPhone X (iPhone 8) is currently in the project validation test phase (EVT), or will be delayed, and this iPhone will pack with 3GB memory, and the rear glass panel op to support wireless charging, also supports waterproof, continue to support Lightning non-USB -C in the test unit.

The Touch ID is embedded in the screen glass below, but is not as effective as expected. In addition to Touch ID, iPhone 8 confirmed equip with the face recognition 3D sensor lens components.

IPhone 7s
As an successor to iPhone 7, it continue to use aluminum rear panel, and no wireless charging.

MacBook series

2018 MacBook will have more changes, the Apple logo will re-filled in the light, the keyboard and the future of the Magic Keyboard may feature e-ink technology which has entered the design verification test phase (DVT), Touch Bar will retain, and also Magsafe will return without mentioned the detail. There will be  15-inch MacBook Pro to pack with 32GB RAM without any further information.

In contrast to the MacBook Pro, the most popular MacBook Air series may be discontinued as the weight of the laptop will be lighter than the MacBook Air.

Siri Speaker
This smart speaker is similar to the Mac Pro and is smaller in size, may equip A9 processor. The outlet design of the device is still currently under develop by Apple. In addition Apple yet to decide  whether to equip screen on it. Due to the Foxconn’s Siri Speaker contract issues, there will be a possibility Siri Speaker will release in the WWDC.

AR glasses
Apple is working on a “Project Mirrorshades” program. This program is working with Kopin technology to use the acetate frame to install polarized or prescription lenses with Zeiss Smart Optics to produce glasses and to use optical sensors to track activity. Release and launching time frame had yet been confirmed.