Huawei P10 using eMMC flash drive instead of UFS 2.1 as stated ?

Huawei P10 using eMMC flash drive instead of UFS 2.1 as stated ?

Ever since Huawei attained commendable sales record for its P series and Mate series, the Chinese company has progressively moved up to become the third largest phone manufacturer in the world.

Recently there are user on the internet complained that their Huawei P10 handset is using eMMC flash drive instead of the UFS 2.1 as stated on the official specification list.

It is suspected that Huawei adopts eMMC and UFS 2.1 flash drive for their Huawei P10 handset. With the differences between these flash drives, it may result in different reading speed.

Huawei official had responded on a chinese web –, stating that the phone speed is not only to be determined by flash drive but software plays a major role as well. He further commented that by using benchmark apps as a testing medium is not sufficient to reveal a device performance.

However, Huawei seems to be silently admitting the fact that they are using eMMC instead of UFS 2.1 (the flash drive speed of UFS 2.1 is five times of eMMC), by allowing users to make one-to-one exchange for their Huawei P10 that encounter lower flash drive speed.