Huawei P10 ranked among the top in DXOMark camera test with 87 points!

Huawei P10 ranked among the top in DXOMark camera test with 87 points!

The Huawei P10 with dual Leica-certified cameras (12 megapixel colour sensor and 20 megapixel monochrome sensor) was launched a few days ago in Malaysia has just done its camera test on DxOMark camera benchmark test and the result is impressive!

With the Leica F/2.2 dual camera, laser focus and optical image stabilizer (OIS), Huawei P10 scores 87 points which is higher than the Huawei Mate 9 that scored 85 but trailing behind Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel with acquired the score of 88 and 89 respectively.

According to the test, Huawei P10 managed to perform well in low light situation with the features of superior white balance, colour rendering and good texture preservation.

However, the Huawei P10 is slightly disappointing in low light performance and image fidelity when walking for video. In general, the video quality of Huawei P10 still performed well with good white balance, colour rendering  and texture preservation.

Since the P10 scored a commendable 87 points in DXOMark, we are definitely looking forward to know how good the Huawei P10 Plus will perform with its F/1.8 dual SUMMILUX sensor.