Huawei Affordable Flagship Honor 8 Pro Set to Surprise Malaysians this July

Huawei Affordable Flagship Honor 8 Pro Set to Surprise Malaysians this July

After successful launching of Honor 8 last year, Huawei set to reveal its successor— Honor 8 Pro this coming July. Honor Malaysia today confirms that it will be introducing its smartest device to-date, the Honor 8 Pro.

In China, the Honor 8 Pro is actually named as Honor V9. It is a surprise that Honor has opted to bring over the V series to Malaysia market. Honor 8 Pro is the first Honor phone that equips with Quad HD display resolution, 5.7-inch and 515ppi offer color gamut nearing cinematic standard. The new flagship device sets the standard in every way – with cutting-edge processing power, long lasting battery life with two days of regular use. The Phablet boasts a dual-lens camera that is packed into an impossibly thin 6.97mm body.

Honor 8 Pro promises to run games at high frame rates with minimum lag and continues to charm in 3D – making it the perfect mobile gaming machine. The honor 8 Pro is designed for stunning multimedia experiences. This device will bring high-quality virtual reality (VR) content followed by exceptional graphic processing powered by Vulkan API.

Additionally, honor 8 Pro architecture with a 12-megapixel dual-lens camera. The two lenses deliver the perfect shot: the monochrome lens captures a black-and-white image with great depth of detail while the RGB lens to produce vivid color. The camera’s wide aperture range (f/0.95–f/16) delivers DSLR-like depth of field effects for both photo and video shooting.

Pricing of the honor 8 Pro and the pre-order sale dates for Malaysia is yet to be determined.