HTC’s announced Link VR to pair with U11

HTC’s announced Link VR to pair with U11

HTC released the flagship smartphone U11, with super camera and innovative features Edge Sense. In the VR increasingly popular era, HTC yesterday released a specially designed VR hood, named HTC Link.

The VR device features HTC’s first smartphone-based VR hood. It uses as similar to PlayStation VR case, using an external lens sensor to track the motion controller. It also offers a full range of motion, promising six degrees of freedom (6DOF) in a two-meter by two-meter square space, which yet available in smartphone-powered VR devices.

Specifications wise, HTC Link boasts two 3.6-inch AMOLED panels with 1080 x 1200 resolution (110 degree field of view), support 90Hz refresh rate. U11 phones are not installed/docked into Link, but are connected via USB Type-C data lines. The device promises to be “cableless,” though it will still connect to your phone and an external camera.

The report suggested that HTC Link will be available at the end of July, the price is yet to be announced. However, according to the current information obtained, HTC Link will only be launched in Japan. We are clueless whether in the future it will be available for global market.