What?! Hotlink offers free 999GB data for Facebook (only)?!

What?! Hotlink offers free 999GB data for Facebook (only)?!

Who doesn’t like free flow of internet data? Hotlink now offers free 999GB data for Facebook only.

To be able to enjoy this campaign offered by Hotlink, if will have to purchase a new Hotlink FAST or Hotlink Super starter pack than activate an eligible internet pass by end of this year.

The Internet Pass that come with 999GB free Facebook data:

  1. Daily RM3 Mobile Internet Pass
  2. Weekly RM10 Mobile Internet Pass
  3. Any monthly RM35 and above Mobile Internet Pass

The free data validation will follow the validity of your internet pass. How it works? If you subscribed a daily pass will grant you 999GB of Facebook data for the same day.

According to the terms & condition, this campaign is only for new subscribers that activate their Hotlink sim pack from 2nd November 2017 until 31st December 2017.

visit the Hotlink Free Fast Facebook page for more information.

Do share with us how much Data do you need for your monthly Facebook Usage.