Hi Keyboard Makers, we beg you to avoid doing this again

Hi Keyboard Makers, we beg you to avoid doing this again?

Just over the weekend, Redditors seemed to be in rage over the introduction of ads atop the default software keyboard on the HTC 10. The users of TouchPal keyboard app which is preloaded on most of the HTC phone are annoyed with the update.

HTC recently ask user to uninstall the updated of the keyboards app. TouchPal apologized and explained that it was mistakenly flipped a switch and enabled the ads.

The recently update see the keyboard takes up more than 3/4 of the display, and demand users’ attention to get something sort: filling a form, sending a messenger or entering a password.

As reminder to app developer, we sincerely hope all the developer take consideration act of inserting ads script at the proper layout which reduce the potential irritating to app user. We fully understand it is important especially developer keen about monetizing their product. However we believe user experience is indeed important too.