Google releases a 180-degree new video file format to simplified VR shooting

Google releases a 180-degree new video file format to simplified VR shooting

According to the latest news released by Google’s official blog, Google recently developed a new VR device, produced by the Daydream team  called VR180 video format.

With a new line of cameras from Lenovo, LG and other manufacturers to produce the device. The new VR device, will reduce the VR film shooting difficulty, so that the film creator can have more creative development.

As the name suggests, VR180 will be different from the traditional VR. VR180 show the immediate range of 180 °, rather than 360 ° Panorama.

Google noticed that photographers in the past 360 degree panorama VR film, often have to hide themselves, followed by the audience in order to avoid the blank screen which increase the difficulty of shooting, and the cost of project.

Google found that most people watch the VR movie, rarely really turn 360° to watch the whole view of panorama. The most people are only viewing the front of the 90 ° range of the screen. With the new VR180 format, Google combines this new product with YouTube. It will improve the willingness of video creators to publish videos, as well will allow users to watch VR180 videos on their computers and mobile devices.

Video creators can shoot videos in VR180 format with any VR180-certified camera. Google and the Daydream team are actively working with third-party vendors and are expected to launch the first VR180 at the end of the year. Unlike the traditional “immersive” experience of traditional VR, Google hopes to make VR movies available on Youtube by promoting the simple shooting of VR180.

Users who currently have Daydream, Cardboard, Playstation VR can experience 180VR through Youtube App. And if it’s a video producer, Google says you can pre-experience the VR180 certified camera directly to YouTube Spaces (Google’s video creation space in some of the world’s cities).