Google Launches App Maker: Develop Custom Application without Writing Code!


Google Launches App Maker: Develop Custom Application without Writing Code!

Google recently introduces a new HTML5 application development service App Maker. This application development tool has built-in templates (mainly G Suite and partner integration services) that allow users to drag and drop applications in a small (or even unnecessary) programming language.

Google claims that the tool from idea to achieve the time from the past few months to several days. Thus, developers also can apply for an early trial through Google’s Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business.  These applications are not completely independent and must be in Google’s cloud environment to run.

App Maker includes a drag-and-drop development environment with cloud-based browser access. Users can drag and drop UI components to complete the user interface development, and then click the component to set up data sources to complete with G Suite application, Google Maps, Contacts and Group, such as the link to complete the front-end components and back-end data association.

Besides, App Maker also provides a service interface, in theory, any API services can be docked. Developed applications will run within the same infrastructure as Google’s own G Suite application, and administrators can manage applications developed by App Maker just like the G Suite applications that manage Gmail, Drive, and so on.

With the gradual evolution of the concept of some programming language to become stable, with the gradual deepening of the module, the software industry will become more and more like the development of the automotive industry one by one parts assembled, and gradually to the assembly of automation, the focus will become the design rather than the development.