Google Announces “No Plan” for New Nexus Device


Google Announces “No Plan” for New Nexus Device

Google yesterday has introduced a number of new products under their hardware division, including Pixel smartphones. At the same time, questions arise on the popular Nexus devices and which company will be making them.

Now, there are reports stating that Google currently have no plans to present a new Nexus product for the time being.

Google Nexus was introduced earlier in order to enable developers to get the devices, and optimize their applications to the latest version of Android.

Google often comes with a new Nexus device in collaboration with other manufacturers and offers live updates directly to the device.

Besides, Google Pixel was introduced yesterday also take the same concept and Google also will offer live updates for the device.

Google said the Pixel will receive updates that are downloaded in the background and will provide notification to the user only to restart the device.

Therefore, for those who are still looking forward to a Nexus device, you may start targeting the new Pixel as it will also enjoy additional features such as Google Assistant.