Get 300Mbps internet speed from TIME for only RM190


Get 300Mbps internet speed from TIME for only RM190

Been struggling and have had enough with the slow internet speed yet paying for high monthly bill? TIME, one of the leading home broandband ISP in Malaysia is now offering 300Mbps high speed internet to Malaysian at affordable price.

There is no doubt that TM Streamyx and Unifi provide wider coverage, but we have to admit that the price of TM is relatively more expensive when compared to TIME. With the price of RM190 per month, you can only get 30Mbps Unifi package from TM. But with the same amount of what you’re paying for the above Unifi package, now you can enjoy 10X faster internet surfing speed with TIME.

However, it is worth noting that the coverage of TIME are currently focused in Klang Valley and some of the town area in some states.

Check out their their coverage HERE if you’re interested in the plan offered by TIME.