Flash Plus 2 Review – Flashy in your fingertips

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Flash Plus 2 Review – Flashy in your fingertips

One of my favorite mid-range phones that I have reviewed to date, the Flash Plus 2 has quite a lot of quality stored in it. At a retail rate of RM 599, the phone comes in a 2 colorways: Luna Silver and Venus Gold. Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical about the Flash Plus 2, but it’s safe to say that it has dispelled all the rumours in my head on the phone being the average new kid on the block.

Key Specifications

  • 5.5” (1080×1920) IPS LCD, ~401 ppi pixel density
  • 13 MP Full HD
  • 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 MT6755
  • 2GB RAM 16GB Memory
  • 3,000 mAh battery


Design and Build Quality

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Slim, sleek, easy to hold. That’s really the essence of how the phone has been built. At first glance, though, you’d think that it’s a Samsung phone due to its home button. However, that is not the case as quite a few phone companies have jumped in with that design.

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That aside, the phone’s metallic finish and curved back edges actually help with the user’s grip of the phone, as it is slim and light, it could easily slip off the users’ hands, but that’s not the case with the Flash Plus 2. The phone comes in 2 metallic colorways to give it a classy finish.

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The Flash Plus 2 comes with dual SIM capabilities, and an extra slot dedicated to a Micro-SD card, which is able to have up to 256 GB of expansion (WHOA). The phone also comes with fast charging capabilities.


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With the phone being a 5.5”, the phone has a really crisp display quality, and it’s justified by its 401 ppi pixel density. The Flash Plus 2 would, and should be a go to phone for those who enjoy viewing their Facebook feed in the sharpest detail.

The display of the phone is one that I have really enjoyed, as the colors are not too sharp till it hurts your eyes, and the adaptive brightness on the Flash Plus 2 is impressively fast. Kind of a trend nowadays in mid-range phones to rub shoulders with its high-spec seniors.


The battery on this phone is decent for a mid-spec phone, with a 3,000mAh internal battery. It’s impressive to the point that it is able withstand a full day without charging, although it would be desperately in need of it. At heavy usage, it does drain a lot of the phone’s juice.


The phone also has a fast charging capability, which is a huge plus, to a phone which already is capable of lasting a full day of usage. For those who are always on the go, fret now, this phone is able to hold up with your busy lifestyle.


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One word in regards to the audio: LOUD. For phone with a back speaker, it has an impressive quality. Now imagine using it with your fingers cupped to the back of the speaker, or amplifying it in general. One of the highlights of the Flash Plus 2, in my opinion.


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This is another element of the Flash Plus 2 that I have really fallen in love with. The rear camera is 13MP, and it is capable of shooting superb shots, especially with its HDR mode.

Image 2 without HDR

Image taken without HDR

Image 2 with HDR

Image taken with HDR

Another unique selling point of the camera in the Flash Plus 2 is its capability of taking extreme close-up shot. It’s actually a rare sight to see so much quality inside the camera of a mid-range phone.

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It’s auto-focus is decent, and just like most cameras in smartphones today, it has a Professional mode as well, for personal preferences, of course. The low-light quality on this phone is, well, not as impressive as it’s other elements, producing grainy photos.

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The front camera is of standard quality, with a 5 MP built in camera. Plus, it has a built in LED flash. So, night selfies? Problem solved.



The Flash Plus 2 runs on the Android Marshmallow OS, and the UI has a stock Android feel to it. Although the phone is generally drawerless, the phone also has an app drawer function.


One thing to notice about phones manufactured in China nowadays is that it has a tendency today to create hybrid UIs, where they mash the app drawer and the drawerless feature together.

Not sure that this feature is for the convenience of those who are used to either one, or it’s just trying to stand out just to get the market’s attention. One thing is for sure, though, is that it works. However, due to its 2GB RAM, do expect a little lag spikes once in a while. Don’t let that deter you from getting the phone, though.

Wrap Up

Flash Plus 2 Wrap


All in all, for a phone priced at RM1000 and below, I can safely say that it is on par with most of the phones in that price range. Super performance, though it can get lag spikes now and then. Counter that by telling yourself this quote: “It’s only human”, and then apply it to the Flash Plus 2 (Just don’t expect it to start walking, that’ll be creepy). It has a decent battery life to last a day, and to a lot of people in the age of smartphones, it’s super camera quality should capture your attention. Apart from that, kudos to Flash for producing the Flash Plus 2, as, with pun fully intended, the phone is a big plus.