[Unboxing] – First Impression of IPRO Livepad 8.9



IPRO is one of the fast growing Malaysian local company in Mobile Device Products industry. IRPO does have good potential and had proven themselves to be Winner of The “Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Year 2012” in the past 2012!

In the early of 2015, IPRO launched its brand new tablet namely, Livepad 8.9, under the collaboration of Microsoft Windows and Intel. The Livepad 8.9 has gained a lot of attention from local consumers, by its decent performance in gaming or daily computing and also its affordable price!

For not disappointing fans of Livepad 8.9, IPRO will be organising a roadshow at Plaza Lowyat from this Thursday 25/6 until Sunday 28/6 and the Livepad 8.9 will be sold at a very affordable price of RM 699 (GST inclusive) with a bundle of interesting gifts like bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse, HDMI cable and screen protector!

Unboxing + First Impression


So yeah! this is the whole set they offer for all of you at the roadshow @ Plaza Lowyat. So now let’s get started to see the unboxing of the Livepad 8.1.


Here’s what are included inside the Livepad 8.9 box, there are Livepad 8.9, charger, charging/data transfer cable and guide book.


As you can see here, the charger itself is 2-pin plug adapter. It outputs 5V voltage and 2A current to charge the Livepad. For the cable, it is the common micro-USB to USB 2.0 cable. In overall, both build quality is looking good. Cannot find any bad fitting issue and gap issue in both charger and cable.

Next, come to the free gifts!


Here they are, the HDMI cable, USB OTG and bluetooth mouse. And wait.. where is the bluetooth keyboard?


This is how it looks like. It is basically a pouch with a removable keyboard (magnetic). The opening of the pouch is able to protect camera of the Livepad with the pouch.





After installing it on the Livepad, it looks pretty alright. Protected every single spot of the Livepad. To let you know, the Livepad 8.9 could be awake up whenever the pouch is opened (magnetic sensor detection). This is pretty cool and convenient. But anyway, the pouch itself does not have any stand to support the Livepad, thus we could not make the it stand when we are using the keyboard. (Cannot stand seriously?!)

Actually it can be supported, take off the bottom clip and replace the magnetic keyboard.. there you go.. Like this!

PicMonkey Collage

To use the keyboard, it must be connected with the Livepad 8.9 by Bluetooth.


Alright, that’s all about the accessories. Let’s move on to the main character, IPRO Livepad 8.9!


Front screen of the Livepad 8.9: – The screen is quite smooth but it will keep a lot of fingerprints after use. At the left top side, there will be a front facing camera with 2MP. Could you see the Windows logo at the right side? That’s actually working to call out Windows menu! (capacitive button)


At the back side, this is how it looks. Of course, there is one 5MP autofocus rear camera. The camera lens is surrounded by a slight protruded ring-shaped frame. Well, the back is also a glass. Yup, still.. fingerprints everywhere.


At the top, there is SD card slot which allows you to expand the storage and install more programs and games in the Windows system. Other than that, there are volume rocker and power button.

ipro_livepad_010 ipro_livepad_012

At the both left and right side, there are stereo speakers. At the left side, there are micro-USB, micro-HDMI and the earphone jacks.


The stereo speaker is located somewhere wrong actually I guess. Whenever I hold with whether both hands or one hand, the speaker are completed covered. The audio is completed shut off  from firing. But anyway, there is no much problem when you place and use it on table (somewhere else) without covering the speaker.


Overall design and build quality of the Livepad 8.9 are actually very good. It is tough enough with its sandwitch design (glass-metal frame-glass). Its thickness is about 6 pieces of 10cents, compact enough to hold it. We don’t find it bulky anyway. It is quite handy to use it but a slight heavy for its weight. Quite tiring to hold it for a long time tho..

For the hardware side, it features:

  • 8.9′  1920 x 1200 IPS A grade display
  • Intel Atom Z3735F – Quad Core Processor up to 1.8GHz with Intel HD Gen7 Graphics
  • 2GB DDR3L RAM + 16GB ROM (SD card expandable)
  • 8000mAh Li-po non-removable battery
  • 5MP autofocus rear camera + 2MP front camera
  • Supports Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Windows 8.1 with Bing as Operating system
  • FREE 1 Year Microsoft Office 365 Personel


It works quite well and smooth on daily computing. It does come with the Microsoft Office 365 Personel which allows you to work with your document. It even could handle some photo editing software like Adobe Photoshops, and some games like Dota2 and Counter Strike. All these, you can watch by your bare eyes on the videos on Youtube, by a single search of keyword ‘Livepad game’.

IPRO Livepad 8.9 is seriously a thing that really works well as what you could do on a laptop. And of course, for heavy gaming or heavy computing, it could not perform as well as some high end laptop. Still.. don’t forget this Livepad is sold at only RM 699 currently. I believe there is no such great Windows tablet that could offer this much at this price range.



To know more about the IPRO or the Livepad 8.9, you should go for the roadshow at Plaza Lowyat! As sweet reminder, the roadshow will be this Thursday 25/6 until Sunday 28/6.

The Livepad 8.9 will be sold at a very affordable price of RM 699 (GST inclusive) with a bundle of interesting gifts like bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse, HDMI cable and screen protector!

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