The first cashier-free convenience store in Malaysia

The first cashier-free convenience store in Malaysia

Since Amazon introduced the concept of cashier-free convenience store, many major retailer started to think how to adapt and implement for their future businesses.

Iris World International Group Berhad will launch its first IRISPAY E-Concept Store at SS15 Subang Jaya on October 2017. The company main target is the young college students nearby.

This store will sell many trending products from Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. You can even buy the most popular AnMuXi Yogurt drink or Just-Drink milk tea from the kiosk.

IRISPAY E-Concept Store is a 24 hours cashier-free convenience store. There is 8 build-in vending machine. Customers have to download IrisPay app to make purchases. Simply scan the bar-code to make payment. The store uses ERP system and big data to predict and analysis customers’ preferences.