TM Offers Twice The Speed For New Subscribers, Up To 100Mbps!


In conjunction with Budget 2017, where stated that government wish to provide a faster internet speed with fair price, Telekom Malaysia has give us an exciting news about their UniFi promo that double up your speed without extra charge today.

TM is now offering a special promotion for new subscribers of their UniFi Advance 30 and Advance 50 plans. By default, these plans are valued at RM199/month and user may enjoy the internet speed up to 30Mbps; for RM249/month for the Advance 50 plans will gives you internet speeds of up to 50Mbps.

With this new promotion, TM will slash the price for RM20 each which means the new price will become RM179/month and RM229/month respectively. However, the biggest attraction is all subscribers are eligible upgrade on the speed if they subscribe UniFi before end of 2016.

New subscribers who subscribe for the UniFi Advance 30Mbps plan will enjoy speeds of 50Mbps, while Advance 50Mbps plan subscribers will enjoy speeds up to 100Mbps!

For existing customers, you may enjoy faster internet speed on coming 2017 without any extra charge too. For more information, head on over to TM’s website to find out more details.