Doogee Y200 Review

doogee-y200-review-001Doogee Y200 Review

Doogee Y200 is yet another new Doogee smartphone that had been launched in Malaysia on April.

Doogee Y200 is a smartphone that comes with 5.5 inch screen, 6.9mm ultra slim body, equipped with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM.

Before we go through the review for Doogee Y200, who interest in the unboxing of Doogee Y200 can click here.

Thus, let us get on with the review for Doogee Y200 now.

Let us have a quick look at the Doogee Y200 specifications:

  • Chipset: 64-bit MTK 6735 Quad Core, GPU Mali T720
  • Display: 5.5 inch HD 1280×720 pixels IPS OGS Display
  • Internal Memory Storage: 32GB with expandable storage via MicroSD card
  • Rear Camera: 13MP with flashlight and autofocus
  • Front Camera: 8MP with face beauty mode
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM card Dual standby, one Micro SIM card and one standard SIM card, 4G LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS support.
  • Battery Capacity: 3,000 mAh
  • OS: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Color: Black and White
  • Price: RM 699


doogee-y200-review-002 doogee-y200-review-003

The front of the Doogee Y200 has an ambient light sensor, speaker, and LED notification light. While at the bottom of the front panel is where the Multi tasking button, home button and back button are located. The home button also supports fingerprint sensor that can unlock the screen within 0.15s.


The right of the device have a power button and the volume rocker. The device offers rounded edges frame that makes it looks much appealing.


The Doogee Y200 have a SIM card slot that’s placed on the left of the device. The device can support dual SIM card or either substitute a SIM card slot for MicroSD card to expand the storage.

doogee-y200-review-005 doogee-y200-review-006

The back of the device have a rear camera 8MP but it can take up to 13MP resolution pictures. It also has a flashlight that support users to take picture at the night.

At the bottom part of the device, there’s a Doogee Logo and speaker which is placed underneath the logo. Its 3.5mm earphone jack is situated at the top of the device.


At the bottom of the device is just like most of the Android devices out there where the USB slot is placed on the middle of the phone with the microphone just beside it.


Doogee Y200 is coming with a 5.5 inch LCD with 1280 x 720 IPS OGS display. The display is still acceptable but the contrast for the device only can limited to 720p. There are some devices may bring out better display but we know the devices do not have the same specifications that like Doogee Y200.

Thus, Doogee Y200 will be one of the choice of mid-range smartphone for nowadays users. The PPI for Doogee Y200 is 267, so it is average for the phones that were released in 2015 in this price tag.




Doogee Y200 is a smartphone powered by a Mediatek MT6735 Quad Core processor and equipped with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. It also have a rear camera of 8MP that can shoot up to 13MP and a front camera of 5MP that can shoot up to 8MP.

The Doogee Y200 comes with MicroSD card expansion but we have to choose between bigger storage capacity or dual SIM as the second SIM can also be used as the microSD card slot.

Both SIM card slots also support Dual standby but only SIM 1 supports 4G LTE connectivity while the other one is only 3G enabled.

Apart from that, by using stock android with their own customized skin, therefore this can make the device more easy and convenient to use.


Doogee Y200 performance test is based on Antutu, Geekbench 3 and Quadrant standard. For Antutu performance test can see that it have overall score of 24132. The ranking for Doogee Y200 is at 15 of the smartphone list that consider a normal midrange device.

While for Geekbench 3 performance test have the result that Doogee Y200 have 477 for single-core score and 1352 for multi-core score. Last performance test for Doogee Y200 is Quadrant Standard that with the result of 9308 for the device.

Based on the performance test for Doogee Y200, the performance for the device can consider moderate and with the such powerful specifications really can be one of the choice for the user to buy with the retail price of RM 699.00.


Doogee Y200 have 8MP for the rear camera and can shoot up to 13MP (using SW) with flashlight and autofocus detection.

Here are some example of images taken.



Normal Mode


HDR Mode



Normal Mode

doogee-y200-review-021HDR Mode

doogee-y200-review-022Normal Mode

doogee-y200-review-023HDR Mode

doogee-y200-review-024Normal Mode

doogee-y200-review-025HDR Mode


The Doogee Y200 battery only has 3,000 mAh capacity and it comes with a 5V1A charger. The Doogee Y200 from 15% to 100% takes approximately 180 minutes (3 hours) mainly is due to the output of the charger is low, thus it take more time to fully charge up.

Other than that, we also tried it with another 9V2A charger to test the Doogee Y200 charging speed. We get the result that Doogee Y200 from 15% to 100% takes around 120 minutes (2 hours) which means it does not support fast charging.

doogee-y200-review-030 doogee-y200-review-026 doogee-y200-review-027Use Doogee Y200 Original Charger (5V1A)

doogee-y200-review-028 doogee-y200-review-029Use Samsung Original Charger (9V2A)

doogee-y200-review-031 doogee-y200-review-032

Apart from that, we also tested how much the battery will drain when we play games like God of Rome, Need for Speed and others. The game runs smoothly during the test and the battery drains about 17% for one hour playing games.

Doogee Y200 Pros:

  • Better camera: The rear camera have 8MP but can shoot up to 13MP with a flashlight and an autofocus detection that helps to improve the image quality.
  • Pure android software: Doogee Y200 that build in with pure android software that can help to secure the device and get the latest Android updates.
  • Fingerprint sensor technology: The Doogee Y200 comes with fingerprint sensor that can unlock the device within 0.15 second as well as security enhancement.
  • Price: The price of Doogee Y200 is reasonable because with such mid-range specifications, fingerprint sensor and better camera it only cost RM 699.

Doogee Y200 Cons:

  • No dedicated slot for MicroSD card: Users need to choose either use dual SIM cards or use one SIM card and one MicroSD card.
  • Non-removable battery: Doogee Y200 consists of 3,000 mAh battery capacity but the battery is non removable. So, for heavy users, it is recommended for you to bring the charger or powerbank along with you.
  • No Fast Charging: Nowadays a lot of smartphone that will have fast charging technology. Unfortunately Doogee Y200 do not come with fast charging technology and this will affect user to make their choice.


Doogee Y200 that comes with 5.5 inch IPS OGS display, powered by MTK 6735 Quad Core processor and equipped with 32GB of ROM and 2GB of RAM. The device is available for two variants of colors which are black and white.

Doogee Y200 is an ultra slim and well designed smartphone that can be a good choice for user because its considerable specifications and affordable price will attract consumers to buy it.