Digi Launches Two New Prepaid Plan: Digi Prepaid Live FREE 8GB streaming data!


Digi Launches Two New Prepaid Plan: Digi Prepaid Live FREE 8GB streaming data!

Today, Digi has introduced two digi prepaid plan today which are Digi Prepaid Live and Digi Prepaid Best. Digi Prepaid Live is for those who like to stream videos and musics. The new Digi Prepaid Live will free 8GB data monthly on 4G streaming. While the Digi Prepaid Best will focus more on calls.

The free 8GB data will distribute to 2GB per week, where 1GB is allocated for video and 1GB for the music streaming.


The new Digi Prepaid Live offers 6GB of internet data that split quota to internet, video and music for 2GB each from RM 28 per month. This internet plan is not same like the free data only can use 4G streaming, the streaming can ride on either 3G or 4G network.

Digi also introduced another Digi Prepaid Best. Digi prepaid best is come with 200MB data per day if you make RM 1 per day of IDD calls to Indonesia, Bangladesh,Nepal, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Phillippines, Vietnam or China.

Digi Prepaid Best comes with free basic internet and unlimited social messaging. If you want to call your 20 best friends in your contact, it will charge 12 sen per minute, while the SMS will charge at 6 sen for each sms. Users can also top up to use more high speed data based on above image.

Finally, for those who prefer more internet on videos and musics streaming, Digi Prepaid Live will be your choice with RM 12 for the starter pack, while the Digi Prepaid Best is for those who use call more often.

For detailed information and a full price list for the new Digi Prepaid services, visit digi.my/prepaid.