Digi Introduce Digi Easy Up Program: Get New Device Every 12 Months!


Digi Introduce Digi Easy Up Program: Get New Device Every 12 Months!

Digi has unveiled a new program called Digi Easy Up Program where consumers can get a new device every 12 months. This program is basically similar to the Maxis Zerolution and Celcom Newphone program.

Digi Easy Up Program will offer fixed subscription price of RM 198 which is the price for the device bundled with the cost of the plan. Digi will be offering 20GB of internet data, free Unlimited Calls and SMS, as well as some additional features such as 15GB for streaming music and extra 100GB of cloud storage for consumers. However, the main focus of this program is that consumers will get to enjoy new device every 12 months when you sign up for this program.

For Maxis and Celcom, consumers have to return their old devices first before they switch to a new device. Thus, this plan may be ideal for those who want to change the device every year without make any advance payment.


Currently, Digi only offers two devices under this program which are Samsung Galaxy A7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (with additional RM 70 per month). Thus, consumers who prefer the S7 Edge under this program, will have to pay RM 268 monthly fee. As usual, if consumers want to change a new device every 12 months, the devices need to be good condition and depend on the criteria that established by Digi.

For those who are interested, kindly check Digi Website about this Digi Easy Up Program.