Digi has 12.25 million users in 3Q16!


Digi has 12.25 million users in 3Q16!

Digi has recently reported its Third Quarter 2016 (3Q16) financial results, and the Telco has a total subscriber base of 12.25 million users that it lost some 98k subscribers in the quarter.

Digi prepaid subscribers has dropped to 10.26 million users in 3Q16 and this means they have lost 138k subscribers in the quarter from 10.39 million prepaid subscribers as recorded in 2Q16.

Besides, there are 8 million Digi Internet subscribers, and this represents 65% of the total base (1.7 million postpaid subscribers and 6.3 million prepaid subscribers). While 3.7 million users are on the 4G LTE network.

The ARPU for prepaid remains unchanged in 3Q16 at RM 34 and now 63.7% of Digi subscribers are smartphone users.