Complete survey and Get RM25 worth of Uber rides for FREE!

uber survey 2017Complete survey and Get RM25 worth of Uber rides for FREE!

Since the beginning of the year 2017, the petrol price in our country has increased drastically. Local citizens in majority are facing difficulties to save money specifically for transport purposes caused by fuel price hike.

Thankfully, we still have other alternatives besides using our own cars to reach our destination in Malaysia.

For those who wants to enjoy free ride from Uber, here’s your chance to win 5 FREE rides worth RM5 each applied to your Uber account.

Simply go to the sourcelink provided below of this article and take a survey conducted by Uber. It only takes you around 5 minutes and once you have completed it, Uber will be offering you 5 Free rides worth RM25!

The information that you provide to Uber via this survey will be collected, used and disclosed by Uber for the purposes of conducting data analysis and market research.

This will allow Uber to understand their users better and improve the Uber experience.

Kindly visit for Uber Privacy Statement.