Best Selfie Smartphone That Awes the Diva, Dato Siti Nurhaliza: Vivo V5Plus 20 MP Softlight Dual Front Camera

Best Selfie Smartphone That Awes the Diva, Dato Siti Nurhaliza: Vivo V5Plus 20 MP Softlight Dual Front Camera

Vivo never stop seeking improvement to produce a better smartphone. During the January of 2017 Vivo has again proven they certainly carried out their goal by launching a brand new vivo V5 Plus, build in with 20 MP front camera lens along with 8MP secondary camera lens to give the perfect experience in taking selfie.

Vivo V5Plus, smartphone which Diva can’t get her hands off

The smartphone packs a dual camera setup at the front (20-megapixel + 8-megapixel sensors) to ensure stunning detail in each selfie took. Together, they can create a bokeh effect comparable to professional DSLR to produce a photo with sense of elegance and aesthetics. The core Selfie Softlight also allows users to capture perfect selfie under low light intensity environment as well. That’s why our brand spokesperson, Dato Siti Nurhaliza is delightfully fond with vivo V5Plus.

20MP + 8MP Dual Front Camera Lens
Co-enginered with Sony, the 20-megapixel camera on the Vivo V5 Plus makes use of Sony’s IMX376 1/2.78-inch sensor with f/2.0 aperture and 5P lens system which ensures every single photo taken has exquisite clarity and vivid, natural colors, while the 8-megapixel camera captures depth-of-field information.
The latter is used to generate a bokeh effect in the camera app by creating a beautifully blurred background, separating yourself from the background and enhance the aesthetics.

Selfie Softlight Radiates Your Beauty
The Selfie Softlight feature creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio that allows users to capture their beauty in all lighting conditions. Furthermore, it also enhances the beautification of the photo to let users stay gorgeous in any condition.

Being the most successful singer artist in Malaysia, Dato Siti Nurhaliza always has her own thoughts when comes to selfie. She advocates that vivo V5Plus definitely deserves the title of the best selfie smartphone, because no matter anytime or any places, a simple click on the shutter will promises you a perfect photo. That’s the main reason why our ambassador is fascinated with vivo V5Plus. She also praises vivo V5Plus for able to produce photos with decent quality on her official Instagram account.

The selfie has become a huge part of modern life. It has transformed the simple self-portrait into something more immediate and has grown in cultural importance. Owning the best selfie smartphone will certainly place yourself on the tip of the trend .

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