ASUS ROG GX700VO Review: World’s first ever water cooling gaming laptop with GTX980 inside!


ASUS ROG GX700VO Review: World’s first ever water cooling gaming laptop with GTX980 inside!

What come to your mind when you first heard of gaming laptop? Heavy? Big? Promising Gaming Experience? Heating up very fast? Don’t worry, Asus got your back.

In 2016, Asus had introduced the world first gaming laptop with water-cooling mechanism that will further enhanced your gaming experience and win you every games!



First of all, lets talk about the packaging. Unlike usual laptop packaging, the ASUS ROG GX700VO replace the regular paper box with a luggage. Yes, you are absolutely right. It is covered inside a luggage.

From the picture below, you can clearly see that the laptop, thermal dock and some other accessories are laying safely inside the luggage.

The laptop alone was 3.6KG and the thermal dock was 4.9KG, sum up with the weight of others accessories such as mouse, 2 power adapters and the weight of the luggage itself, it easily hit the weight of 15-20KG.


Besides, the design of the luggage seem classy and very solid compared to others luggage that meant for travel purpose.

The luggage used the ROG classic color scheme, pure black vertical stripes composite texture with orange metal frame. On the front, there is a printed slogan of ROG, “THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS” with the classic ROG logo.



For the first time i saw this beauty, it was a combination of high-tech and class. The logo of ROG with LED light, the solid built of the body and the design is just right. When you lift up the upper part, you can see that the color tone used in this laptop was the classic combination of ROG which is red and black.

The arrangement of keyboard with the touchpad are pretty well arranged. The only part that irritates me is where Asus replaced the num lock with their ROG center key, which took me a little time to get used to, many occasions I had accidentally opened the ROG center whenever I want to use the numpad to key in some number.










Next, the daily performance is the fundamental of every computer. To provide a powerful and pleasant user experience, the GX700VO packed with Intel i7-6820HK 2.7GHz (Up to 3.6GHz) processor. It comes with quad-core and 8 threads with 8MB of cache which is considered as one of the most powerful processor design for laptop in the market to date.

Furthermore, the 32GB of RAM is not only sufficient for gaming yet there are still plentiful for daily usage purposes like browsing internet, paperwork, minor picture and movie rendering. Basically it is very hard for regular users to fully utilize this much of RAM and the processor.

Also, it comes with 512GB of SSD and scored the highest score I have ever tested. It took less than 5 seconds to boot up and everything just open instantly once I clicked it. It was a very pleasant using experience until you are almost running out of space. 512GB of SSD without any hybrid or extra HDD is driving me crazy because the storage is just way too less for my personal use.

We all know that the games size nowadays are getting larger, 512GB is not even sufficient for regular laptop. It is quite disappointing that Asus didn’t install an extra HDD which cost only below RM200 for 1TB storage.


PC Benchmark

The Asus ROG GX700VO had scored a decent score in various of benchmark as it powered by some of the most powerful components available in the market so far.

3DMark 11

3DMark 11 Professional

3D Mark Advanced

PCMark 8

PCMark 8 Conventional

Heaven Benchmark

Screenshot (7)

Cinebench R15

Screenshot (5)

Gaming Performance


The GX700VO packed with a desktop class nVidia GTX980 8GB GDDR5 GPU which is still known as one of the best graphic card in the market before the launch of nVidia GTX10xx series.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 is a high-end desktop graphics card based on the second generation Maxwell architecture. The Geforce GTX 980 supports a range of unique features like CUDA, 3D Vision, PhysX, GeForce Experience, GameStream, GPU Boost 3.0, Adaptive Vertical-Sync / G-Sync, SLI, DSR, MFAA and Virtual Reality latency improvements. In other words, it was VR ready.

The GTX980 play a decent work on gaming and even graphic rendering. The setting of every games I played will automatically set to Ultra mode and the FPS will hit 40 and above. Unfortunately, I had run a benchmark test on Rise of Tomb Rider with all the ultra setting and it scored a poor results of just 21.38 FPS.


Screenshot (8)

Besides Rise of Tomb Rider, other games such as The Witcher 3, Call of Duty: Black OPS III and Batman: Arkham Knight can run in ultra mode without any problem. While the laptop is connected to the water-cooling, it didn’t increase the FPS much but the temperature of the laptop had dropped significantly. It can even run a steady FPS when i connect the laptop to my TV.


The display of the laptop comes with Full HD 1080P anti-glare display, the color tone is vivid and stunning. I’m more than satisfied with the display. Thanks to the anti-glare display feature, I will never scared myself by seeing my own reflection in the monitor again whenever I’m playing horror games.


There is also Asus ROG Center, a customize program design by Asus that aid you to further tuning the laptop to suit your preferences and graphic setting you wish to reach on different programs and games.

You can easily make changes such as disable of touchpad or the light of ROG logo using this program. The fans speed of the laptop and the dock can also be adjusted here. There are also 5 macro-key provided in this laptop to ease you to program some command into it.

It is also worth mentioning that Asus ROG GX700VO also comes with XSplit Gamecaster program that allow you to stream your gaming section to your friends and followers on social network.

Screenshot (10)

Screenshot (9)


World’s first water-cooling laptop ASUS ROG GX700VO equipped with the world’s first water-cooling docking station, the nVidia desktop-class graphics card GTX980 GDDR5 8G memory, Intel’s sixth-generation flagship processor i7-6820HK, 32G DDR4 high-speed RAM, 512GB SSD and 17.3-inch 1080P HD large screen.

Features-wise, ROG GX700VO mainly consists of the following aspects. First of all, as the world’s first water-cooling laptop. The portability is the main concern when I use this laptop.

Although Asus had designed a dedicated luggage for you to travel around with your laptop and the thermal dock, it is still too heavy to bring this laptop around for work or hanging out at cafe. It was very hard for me to travel with this laptop because it was very hard to find a bag that is suitable for this 17.3 incher.

The weight of the laptop alone is 3.6KG without the power adapter, it can gained up to a whopping 5KG whenever I bring along the power adapter which is simply too heavy for normal users like me. In my opinion, the portability of this laptop is a failure.

For the price of RM18,999, you will get a monster-grade gaming laptop that can knock most of the desktop down, but it is disappointing that Asus didn’t include and extra HDD and a backpack.

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that can provide a decent cooling and gaming experience, the Asus GX700VO definitely won’t fail you.

I personally believe that this laptop can last for a minimum of 3 years for decent gaming experience as it comes with Intel i7-6820HK processor, desktop-class graphics card GTX980 GDDR5 8G memory and 32G DDR4 high-speed RAM.

Since this is the first generation of water-cooling laptop, I believed Asus will improve on its new generation this year by giving a better solution for portability and further enhance the gaming experience by using latest Intel Seventh generation processor and GTX 10xx series graphics card.

Thanks for reading this review and stay tuned for more exciting news and review for laptop, games, and tech news. Asus ROG, “THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS”.