Apple’s first Southeast Asia Apple store

Apple’s first Southeast Asia Apple store

Apple opened its first Southeast Asia Apple store in Orchard Road, Singapore on Saturday. More than thousands excited fans were queueing up along Orchard Road by the time the doors opened. They were greeted by Apple’s Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail, and the store’s 237 employees.

The 120-foot iconic glass facade in the new Apple store blurs the barrier between inside and out, while 16 interior trees continue the city’s lush greenery throughout the space. The unique design at the Singapore Apple Store is the two curved stone staircases, which is inspired from Apple’s new campus in Cupertino.

The newly unveiled Singapore Apple store, which it sees as a “modern-day town square”, is expected to be one of the most popular Apple stores in the world.

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Photos: Apple
Source: Automachi