Apple iTunes Store, Apple Music and App Store in Malaysia Officially using RM Currency Instead of USD


For years, even though we have a Malaysian version of iTunes Store, Apple Music and App Store, if you were to purchase and app or an entertainment file, the currency used are still in USD. The actual costs of an app reflects the currency rate of converting USD to RM, which in recent months, have shot through the roof, causing apps to cost more. But good news, as Apple Malaysia finally fully implemented local currency on all of their online digital stores.

The changes apply on iTunes Store, App Store and Apple Music apps for all iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook devices, as well as iTunes on Windows devices. The change is automatic and all you need to do is just launch the 3 apps stated above and it will start displaying apps’ pricing in Ringgit Malaysia instead of USD.


As mentioned, the pricing for apps and subscriptions are better in RM as well, even though the price different may not be consistent. For apps, a usual USD0.99 apps will now only costs RM3.90 instead of RM4.38. Higher priced apps like Minecraft Pocket Edition (which usually costs USD6.99) will now only costs you RM29.90 instead of RM30.94, which makes almost no difference at all.

There are however, contents where prices have huge difference. For example, Suicide Squad (a 2016 film) will costs you USD19.99 on the US iTunes Store to buy, which is RM88.48 after conversion. In the Malaysian iTunes Store however, it only costs half of it, which is RM44.90 to buy. There’s also a rent option if you do not choose to buy, and the same movie only costs RM12.90 to rent (which usually costs USD5.99 or RM26.51), which is a bargain.

Subscription plans for Apple Music also receives currency change and cheaper subscriptions as well, where an individual plan will only costs RM14.90/month (which is the same as Spotify) and RM22.90/month for a family plan with up to 6 members.


In conjunction with this event, Apple also launched a section called Treat Yourself which includes selected apps, movies and music that users might like and want to purchase.

With Apple implementing local currency for all their stores, it is no doubt easier and cheaper to own contents from these stores. It also eliminates the hassle of currency conversion and inconsistency in price based on the currency.