Introducing Google’s latest OS for Smart Devices — Android Things!


Introducing Google’s latest OS for Smart Devices — Android Things!

In order to grab hold of the smart home appliance market, Google has launched a new OS named “Android Things” lately.

In the coming future, apart from smartphones such as printers, door locks, ovens, bulbs, sockets, speakers, cameras, routers, and more will be using Android system as well.

In fact, Android Things is not a new concept of Google, its predecessor is named Brillo that Google has unveiled it on May 2015, but it was not a lot of developers to use.

The new Android Things not only can inheriting Brillo’s capabilities, includes tools familiar to Android developers, Android Studio, Android SDK, Google Play services and the Google Cloud Platform, it also offering the tools needed to build Android smart networking devices, so Android developers can easily build things Internet services.

Unlike other Android that we are familiar with, Android Things works only in the background to help smart devices handle complex tasks rather than being able to handle it by passing to the server.

This also means that Android Things is suitable for more types of smart home appliances, such as printers, door locks, ovens, light bulbs, sockets, and more.

Besides, Android Things also supports Google’s Internet Protocol Weave, which allows all types of devices to connect to the cloud and interact with other services such as Google Assistant.

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