Android 7.1 : “Panic Detection” Mode

Android 7.1 : “Panic Detection” Mode

The new feature of Android 7.1 Panic Detection Mode was discovered by XDA-Developers. Google is responsible for securing every Android phone especially almost week in week out we hear from various security researchers about new malware. Google quietly introduced a new security feature in their latest Android 7.1 Nougat operating system.

Basically, if there is a rogue applications try to hijack the user’s screen and prevent the user from leaving, Android will itself override the application to bring back the home screen. The user can then presumably uninstall the malicious application from the launcher.

It is a function within the SystemUI.APK, where the config.xml file contains an integer toggle for the “panic” feature while the PhoneWindowManager JavaScript controls how many times a user would tap the button to trigger the feature. Default and minimum number of taps is set to four consecutively.

While at the back key is recognized, the androi system will check if panic mode is on and it will further checks key presses within a certain grace period which the default is 0.3 seconds per tap. Once the tap threshold is met, the system intercepts the back key function from the app and takes the user back to the home screen.

To make it simple to understand, if you face malware that is hijacking your phone, don’t panic and keep press back button and you will back to your home screen. Once you back to your home screen, you are advise to uninstall the malware app.