Alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 Videos Leaked

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 Videos Leaked

Ahead of Samsung’s announcement in March, two YouTube videos posted on recently purportedly show Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone.Both videos seem to display screens with rounded corners, which we’ve also seen on the new LG G6 recently.

The LG G6 has rounded corners, which could infer at how the Galaxy S8 could look like with rounded corners.

It’s not clear that whether the rounded corners on the Galaxy S8 will have other functions. As for the G6, LG asserts the rounded corners provide resistance to the screen from cracking when the phone is dropped.

Seemingly, both videos confirm previous rumours about the Galaxy S8, including narrow top and bottom borders, which allow for more screen space on the front surface.

The screen on both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are said to have edge-to-edge curves, like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The videos also show the Galaxy S8′s physical home button, as well as the “back” and “recent app” buttons, have been relocated to touch buttons on the bottom of the device’s screen.

The top of the device seems to show an iris scanner, which could be used for unlocking the device and opening folders that provide an extra layer of security. Iris scanners were first seen on the Galaxy Note 7.

A quick shot showing the bottom of the devices also suggest the Galaxy S8 will come with a headphone jack.

The videos apparently confirm almost every rumour about the Galaxy S8′s design.

Still, we’ll have to wait until 29th March for Samsung’s announcement to get the official details about the Galaxy S8.