4GB RAM sufficient for Huawei devices — Huawei official

4GB RAM sufficient for Huawei devices — Huawei official

Having ample RAM capacity for your smartphone means you can easily handle multitasking without worrying your device running out of memory.

This is the reason why smartphones nowadays are equipped with bigger RAM capacity especially those high end models.

While we have already seen smartphone with 6GB of RAM last year, it is highly possible that there will be more smartphone vendors to follow this trend.

From a recent post on Weibo page of Lao Shi, an executive at Huawei, he expressed that 4GB of RAM is plenty for a phone to run smoothly. He says that many Huawei devices actually run better with 4GB than a 6GB model would, and that the most important thing to do to a smartphone is optimize the operating system to be efficient as possible.

The Huawei executive also cites Apple’s iPhone, noting that iOS doesn’t need a huge amount of RAM to run smoothly, and that the company has simply optimized the OS to work fantastically with smaller amounts of available memory.

He further explained that adding more RAM only rises the price of a device ‘exponentially’, and that it is simply not worth pushing the boundary of this hardware in our mobile devices.

Do you think 4GB RAM is enough for your phone?