2016 smartphone market ranking, Samsung Downslide


2016 smartphone market ranking, Samsung Downslide

IDC had just released the 2016 smartphone market ranking.

Samsung, Apple and Huawei were still the top three smartphone sellers in 2016.

The rising stars, OPPO and Vivo, surpassed Lenovo and Xiaomi in 2016, took up the fourth and fifth place respectively.



In 2015, Samsung’s growth rate had in fact slowed down, with only 2.1% growth.

Although Samsung maintained its championship in 2016, Samsung’s market share and shipments were declining.

The Note 7 mishap contributed to the downswing, where the shipments in the 4th quarter dropped by 5.2%. However, according to Samsung’s financial report, the 4th quarter still remained profitable.


Apple hit the best quarter sales in the 4th quarter of 2016, so much that it was merited by the iPhone 7. This was undoubtedly good news for Apple, where the shipments had been declining for the first three quarters. Overall, the iPhone shipments were still down by 7%, and the market share fell to 14.6%.

Due to fierce competition in this industry, Apple in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s markets are shrinking.


Despite a slowdown in growth, from 44.3% in 2015 to 30.1% in 2016, Huawei still maintained its position in top 3 with 9.5% market share.

  • In the fourth quarter, Huawei approached double-digit quarterly market share and it was credited to the launching of flagship Mate 9.

In the year 2017?

As for the five major brands, IDC is more optimistic about Apple’s rejuvenation.

The reasons of such outlook come from the forthcoming trending iPhone 8 and resuming growth in the Middle East, Africa, South America and other emerging markets.

In early 2016, IDC also pointed out that Xiaomi and Lenovo will face fierce competition from other rising Chinese brands.

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