10 Resilience Facts for Android User to Return to iPhone

10 Resilience Facts for Android User to Return to iPhone

In recent years, most Android users have solidified their loyalty to stay with Android devices. iPhone is not in their thinker list when they were to change phone. Lets us look into the facts and reasons:

1 Variety of Choices

When it come to android smartphone, you got plenty of choice from Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei and many more. Every single brand come with their unique design and feature.

2 Budget Meet Selection

Android users have flexible budget to choose which phone they want to purchase. Range of entry-range, mid-range, and flagship smartphone available depending on how much you decide to spend.

3 Space of Customization

In the ecosystem of Android, you got better freedom to choose what you like. User who has strong style will love android. Selection of your theme, wallpaper, app, input method, any many more.

4 Hardware Range

Depending on your budget, you choose the hardware specification of your android phone. Choices from different SoC, ROM, RAM, Camera, Screen size, waterproof and ETC.

5 Google Play

First thing come to our mind when choosing android definitely is the Google Play Store. It is friendly and offer wide range of applications.

6 Widget

Key main layout of home screen feature. You will allow to customize your home screen according to your liking. Widget is not just a decoration, it enhance user experience especially it bring types of information at convenient.

7 Multi Tasking

You will love the multitasking feature in android, which allow you to run more than 1 app at same time.

8 Home Screen Dekstop

Android users are giving the wide range to customize your own home screen according to your preference.Various desktop apps on Google Play to make adjustments to the various elements, including transition from the main screen layout to the page.

9 Custom ROM

User can change to  custom software according to their own preferences. There are a lot of custom ROM with different User Interface available across the globe.

10) Google Now

One of the highlights of the Android world is Google Now, a Google service and voice assistant, with just a click of the screen to get customized information based on their preferences.